Exercise Tips For Seniors

Train With Company

When starting training you should train with others, because this helps to maintain interest and motivation. Train with experienced runners only if they will run

At a slow pace. Generally, they will run faster than the novice and are uncomforExercises when running at the much slower pace of the beginner. Do not try to impress experienced runners by trying to stay with them in training. The end result will be that you run too far, too fast, too soon and develop the ineviExercises running injury, in particular shinsplints or a stress fracture.

Exercise Tips For Seniors

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At First, Train Only on the Flat ‘

Hill running stresses the quadriceps, which are usually untrained, particularly in people who previously have walked only on the flat, an activity that stresses mainly the calf muscles.

For this reason, it is better to initially walk and jog on the flat, using muscles that are not totally untrained. Only when able to run comfortably on the flat for about 30 minutes should you attempt hills.

Run in Scenic Areas

Before I started running, I did not appreciate the scenic beauty that surrounds me. I feel that one of the beauties of running is that it can bring us back into contact with our environment and thus enhance our awareness of nature.

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