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It is extremely important that when you initially start your weight loss regime hopefully immediately after reading this blog you have a final target weight as an objective.

If you do not have a final objective in mind when you start, it is going to be almost impossible for you to ever feel satisfied with the weight that you have lost and the shape you are in.

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It can be extremely tempting to just keep losing weight for the sake of it and that is not the way to good health, fitness and general well-being. On the contrary, it is the way to acquiring anorexia, and while I have no doubt that anyone who is seriously overweight or obese might like to believe that they would welcome being anorexic, it is definitely not something you should want.

Without a final target weight in mind, it is far too easy to become obsessed with losing just a pound or two more until one day someone points out to you that you are already way too thin, by which time it is likely that anorexia is already a problem.

I know that you are probably reading these words thinking ‘that could never happen to me’ but that is what every anorexic person thinks.

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