Step 2. Pay attention to both performance and affective results. Use them to adjust (or, if need be, overhaul) your approach throughout your development as a runner. As important as I believe affective training results to be, they are no more important than performance results and should never be used apart from performance results, unless you decide you no longer care about your running performance. Just as research by exercise psychologists has shown that some exercisers self-select exercise intensities that are too low (we’ve all seen those folks who are barely moving as they read magazines on fitness club elliptical trainers) or too high to produce optimal results, competitive runners may fall into comfortable training habits that do not yield optimal results if they rely too much on affect and not enough on the stopwatch in shaping their training approach. TRAINING VARIABLES The two-step process for finding your magic formula applies to all three of the major training variables that define a runner’s magic formula within the parameters of the proven methods of what works for all runners. You will first rely on a sense of preference and then on a combination of affective and performance results to determine whether you are a high-volume or moderate-volume runner, a runner who uses high-intensity work heavily or sparingly, and a runner who uses the Lydiard method or the nonlinear method of periodization.



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