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An important notes

The first time you use this workout and fitness technique for a particular problem, begin with Monitor Number 1, but after that, when you program, begin with Monitor Number 2 – unless you have noticed improvements with that particular problem

As you notice improvements in your body or performance, be sure to alter the “problem image” in Monitor Number 1 accordingly.

You may program with this workout and fitness technique prior to every training session, workout or athletic event.

Exercise Star Athlete Mental Rehearsal Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique

Before you perform this exercise at your level, you must actually go to the place where you practice and go through a practice session. Have your coach with you, guiding you through each part of your practice correctly.

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As you go through each movement, pay special attention to how you feel physically and impress this feeling upon your mind so you’ll remember how it feels. This is what we mean by establishing points of reference.

Make an impression of how it feels when you are one-fourth through the movement. Make an impression of how it feels when you are halfway through the movement or exercise, then again three-quarters of the way through and again at the completion of the movement.

For example, if you want to improve your golf swing, first you will make an impression of exactly how it feels physically when you address the ball. How does it feel when you start your backswing? How do you feel halfway through your backswing? At the top of your backswing? Make these impressions throughout your swing, as you are actually swinging the club. When you do this, have your coach there to make sure that you are doing it correctly.

Repeat this for every movement: your chip shots, putts and so on.

Keep making these impressions as you go – impressions at each step. Later, recall the feeling, and you will be there, feeling as though you have practiced, as though you had actually done the movements.

Once you have made the impressions physically, you can practice any time you desire, even lying in bed. By doing this, you get the benefits of practice, but without fatiguing your body.

While at your level, you will bring back and visualize the feeling that you had when you performed the movements physically, and your body will respond the same way.

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