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Expectation Expect the best

The third part of the formula, expectation, will be covered in more detail in Section 3, in which we discuss visualization and mental rehearsal. The main thing we want you to do now is get a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

For example, do you want to shoot scratch golf? Do you want to be on the Olympic team? Do you desire an athletic scholarship to college? Do you want to have a more attractive body? Do you want to get into condition so you do not run out of breath so quickly?

Keep an image in your mind of what you desire. It will attract you and draw you towards that success. There’s an old saying that a ship without a rudder is unlikely to end up in any useful port. Your goal is like a rudder. It keeps you on course and keeps your expectation high.

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You can’t win unless you try

Former major league baseball great Duke Snyder, conducting a baseball camp for youngsters, told an interviewer, “I always tell them to swing hard, because they might throw the ball where you’re swinging.”

Approach anything in which you’d like to succeed as if it were baseball: When you swing the bat, maybe you’ll strike out, or maybe the pitcher will hit your bat with the ball, but one thing is sure if you don’t swing, you definitely won’t get a hit.

Babe Ruth knew that. The “Home Run King” swatted 714 balls out of the park during his great career. Do you know how many times he struck out? More than 1,300 times! He is 24th on the all-time strikeout list, but nobody ever called him the “strikeout king.” Do you know who the all-time strikeout leader is? The great Reggie Jackson.

Winners are people who aren’t afraid to take a chance. Losers sit around and wait for the odds to improve. “Excuses are the crutches of the untalented,” golfer Ken Venturi said. “Danny’s great because he isn’t afraid to lose,” longtime Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry said of quarterback Danny White.

Go ahead and swing. The pitcher just might hit your bat with the ball.

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