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Enter alpha and listen to your body

Keeping in mind the guidelines above, along with other information from this Exercise and recommendations of your coach or trainer, you can determine the best routine for you while in your alpha level.

While you are at alpha, you have access to much more information about yourself and your body than you have at beta. This is because you have conscious access to information that is stored in your subconscious mind.

By teaching people how to enter the alpha level with conscious awareness, Workout and Fitness found a way to convert the subconscious into an accessible inner conscious level.

Your inner-conscious mind knows what it takes to make your body strong and healthy.

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When you convert the subconscious to an inner conscious level, you will make better decisions because you will have access to more information.

Using the information that you learn in this blog, information from your coach or trainer and your mind’s innate knowledge of your body and its needs, you will make much better decisions than you can by analyzing information and making decisions at beta.

After you analyze and make your decisions (while at the alpha level) about the type of training you need, you still need to verify that you have made the correct decisions. You do this by putting your decisions to the test physically and observing the results you get.

For example, if you feel at your level that you are not training as hard as you should, train harder and observe the results you get. If you make progress, you were correct. If not, enter your level and incorporate your experiences with your new training routine and analyze the situation again. Then you will again physically try out whatever decisions you make.

Whether you are right or wrong at your level, you can use this information to establish “points of reference.”

In other words, you learn what works and what doesn’t. You do the same thing in athletics. When something works, you know to keep practicing and get better at it.

If it doesn’t work – if you grip the golf club a different way and all of your shots slice off into the woods then you know to avoid that grip.

Continue to use this kind of trial-and-error method at your level, and you will soon learn how to be a superstar at the mental game.

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