CONNECTING CAUSE AND EFFECT How do you discover your own optimal training formula? You continually pay close attention to your training and your body, connecting cause and effect so that you can then discard training patterns that yield poor results and retain training patterns that yield good results. This is easier said than done, as there are myriad factors that affect how you feel and perform in training and races, but the three most important factors by far are overall volume, high-intensity training, and periodization system. There are two distinct types of results that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your training and make your training more effective. The first type is your performance in workouts and, especially, in races. A training method that makes you faster is clearly more effective than one that does not. Likewise, a training method that causes your performance to improve steadily over a long period of time is more effective than one that causes your performance to improve for only a short time before it stops yielding results.



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