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Learn to like yourself

Human beings seem to be born with a need to achieve and a desire to be the best. This accounts for the great progress we’ve made since we’ve been on this planet.

But this same drive can cause problems, too. We often want to be what we are not. For example, the big endomorph wants a lean body that will attract the opposite sex. The little ectomorph wants to be bigger than the bully; millions of “Charles Atlas” home study courses have been sold on this desire since the 1930s.

Even the naturally athletic mesomorphs are seldom satisfied. Some are willing to endanger their health with drugs – or other ways of enhancing their performance – to achieve that elusive thing called perfection. And people who strive for the unrealistic spend millions on diets to achieve that often unhealthy ideal of looking like a model or a movie star.

With so many people wanting to be what we are, why can’t we just be happy with ourselves?

Unfortunately, many people want to be something they just can’t be. Remember that your body has certain inherent characteristics. Alter it too much – with drugs, with diets, even with exercise – and you will pay the price.

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A case in point: Workout and Fitness is not very tall – he stands five foot seven inches tall – but he has very thick bones. This makes for a stocky, muscular build. Even now, at 80 years old, he has biceps (the flexor muscle at the front of the upper arm) still measuring more than 15 inches.

Even though Ed Bernd Jr. is a couple of inches taller than Jose, he has a much smaller skeletal structure. His wrists are more than an inch smaller in circumference than Jose’s. In fact, Jose’s wrists are almost as big as Ed’s ankles! Moreover, 15-inch biceps on Ed’s ectomorphic body would be the equivalent of 18-inch biceps on an athlete with a large frame.

People who don’t know any better ask why Ed doesn’t look like a large bodybuilder, since he has been lifting weights regularly since he was a teenager in the 1950s.

His bones simply are not large enough to support that much muscle.

An ectomorph can have a well-defined muscular physique, but it just won’t be as large as that of an endomorph.

When people look at Workout and Fitness endomorphic body and ask him why he doesn’t use his own Weight and Habit Control Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique to trim down, he says that might be the wrong thing to do.

Jose notes that the great tenor Mario Lanza would go on diets time and again to lose weight, only to regain it.

While there is no way to know for sure, Jose suspects that the stress produced on Lanza’s body by this constant up-and-down weight situation might have contributed to his early death. (Why is Workout and Fitness so familiar with Lanza’s life? Because Jose is also a talented singer and was once offered a scholarship to study opera in Milan, Italy. But that’s another story.)

Plato was right when he advised, “Know yourself.”

Use your level to get to know your body, then do what’s best for it.

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