Exercises to lose weight

I Thought People Gained Weight Because They Ate Too Much.
Not so. Most overweight people do not overeat. When they do, there is almost invariably a metabolic component driving them on, most often a truly addictive craving for carbohydrates.
People eating the right foods eat what they want to eat and stay around their ideal weight. However, the normal experience as one gets older is to find that one cannot eat the remarkably unnatural diet of the modem world and stay slim and healthy.

Your body, which was meant to function for a long, vigorous lifetime on healthy foods becomes more and more sensitive to the actions of unhealthy ones. Your metabolism begins to creak and groan. Not only the pounds get added on but also the pains. Crushing fatigue, headaches, lassitude, irritability, depression these are not really part of the process of reaching middle age, even though in our society they seem to be, largely because of the way we eat.

Your tough and hardy prehistoric ancestors were not eating devitalized, long shelf life, processed foods, junk white bread, and pizza around their campfires and they most certainly were not consuming sugar (as in our soft drinks and juices) when their bodies told them they needed water. If they had been, we never would have made it to civilization.

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