Fascinating Wedding Dress Collection by Franc Sarabia

Document everything, archive everything, keep hold of everything, that’s always been my thing,  murmurs Alice as I follow her from the antique shuttered, oak floored showroom and brand new bridal suite up some narrow stairs to her design studio. A light airy space, it is crammed with glass canisters of beads and sequins, its walls plastered with photos and magazine tear outs, sketches, swatches, anything, everything that Alice, or Magpie as she used to be nicknamed, might be or have been inspired by. Testing Acne Covering Make up (with before after pics acne shoes fall for pimples treatment red face gkg The Best Foundations For Acne Into The Gloss Best Acne Treatment By Dermatologist Best Makeup Tutorial Face Powder Idea Makeup For Sensitive Skin Tucked in a corner Eire some samples of the limited edition baby blankets Alice made using off cuts from last autumn’s shearling jerkins Waste not want not, right? and on her desk, in another corner, perched behind her computer, is one of the prototype travel kits she recently designed for Penhaligon’s, an exquisitely appliqued plum and black leather bag containing a clock, wallet and vanity case. Scampering around the floor, meanwhile, is Boo, or Monkey as the puppy has been renamed, playing with his specially run up Temperley blankie, a miniature of the eiderdowns that are to be sold next year as part of the new Temperley Homewares line. Eiderdowns, luggage, accessories, shoes, soft furnishings, mens wear, childrenswear, wallpaper We want to do the lot, says Alice matter of factly. My whole thing is surface decoration, finishing, colour, quality. I get no pleasure, for example, from designing a plain black dress.

Fascinating Wedding Dress Collection by Franc Sarabia For 2015

Fascinating Wedding Dress Collection by Franc Sarabia Photo Gallery

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