Types Of Clothing Styles For Guys

The result? When we’re so swept up in following every trend, we never develop our own personal style. One gets the feeling that the trendsetters of yesteryear, like Coco Chanel, Frank Sinatra, and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, were fully aware of how to use clothes as an extension of their personalities. It would be odd to think of Old Blue Eyes in his Rat Pack days wearing cuffed jeans onstage, even though they were in fashion at the time. Instead, most people today are captivated by reinvention.

We look to celebrities like Madonna, perhaps the only fortysomething woman who can pull off both Pimp Glam and Heartland Cowboy in the same year. Reinvention is Madonna’s look. Imitation is ours.

Types Of Clothing Styles For Guys

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Give or take a few rare souls, nearly all of the stars we look up to today as our fashion role models don’t even have a clear-cut sense of their own style—just close symbiotic relationships with designers. Scrapping our own eccentricities in favor of fashion monotony can only lead us down a dangerous path—a path where creativity suffers. When we fail to nourish our own personal sense of style and, instead, mechanically follow the current, we put ourselves in danger of forgetting what makes fashion fun in the first place—experimentation.

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