2017 Clothing Trends – Latest Trendy Outfit Ideas

THOU SHALT REQUIRE VALIDATION OF THINE OWN STYLISHNESS I’ve always wondered how people felt after they appeared in one of those “On the Street” photos in the New York Times Sunday Styles section, taken by fashion historian/scholar/journalist Bill Cunningham, a thirty-year veteran of the paper, a man whose job it is to catch the latest fashion trends on real people on the street.

Clotheshorses are snapped as they’re walking to Saks during their lunch break or browsing an outdoor vendor or exiting a bistro with co-workers. Some of the subjects are unknown; others, like Ivana Trump, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and socialite/painter Anh Duong are career fashion plates.

2017 Clothing Trends – Latest Trendy Outfit Ideas

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Some are clearly posing for the camera; others are caught unexpect- edly, typically engaging in the Manhattanite’s favorite outdoor pastime— nattering on the cell phone. Cunningham, who camps out on the sidewalk day in and day out for up to a month just to photograph enough subjects for one story, says he never consciously goes out with a specific trend in mind.

During Spring Fashion Week 2001, his discerning lens fell upon a former co-worker of mine outside one of the shows as she flaunted her cute metal-studded handbag. It was perhaps the least flattering angle at which I’ve ever seen her, but ego stroking nonetheless, in a “you have good enough taste in bags to be in the New York Times” kind of way. Many “On the Street” subjects are proud to be featured there. Cunningham has photographed Patrick McDonald, a public-relations director for a dressmaker, at least a dozen times. McDonald, who keeps a book of all his clips, told New York magazine in 2000, “I have friends who say, ‘I look in the Style section as soon as I get home from the Hamptons to see if you’re in it.

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