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Refusing to lose

Some athletes use the bad feeling that comes with losing as a motivator. If you do this, just remember to keep positive mental images of what you want to accomplish.

“When I lose,” world tennis champion Boris Becker said on the CBS Television program 60 Minutes, “nobody can talk to me. They leave me alone.”

His coach, Ion Tiriac, said, “His determination made me choose him.” Tiriac added, “The reason I selected Boris [to coach] is the look in his eyes, the fact that he wants it so much that’s what makes him different from the others.”

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Tennis player Pat Cash, following his semifinal match against Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon, said, “I started winning when I started hating to lose.”

Cash added that he got that attitude from Connors, who expresses it this way: “I hate to lose more than I like to win.”

In a television interview during the 1985 U.S. Open, Connors said, “You get to a point in a match where you’ll do anything to prolong it. In a match, I turn into an animal. I like that attitude.”

Great race car drivers are never satisfied if there is another car ahead of them A story about legendary stock car racing pioneer Curtis Turner illustrates this.

Try as he might, the story goes, Turner couldn’t get around the lead car in a race one Sunday. He ran down into the infield but couldn’t get by. He threw his car into the turn so hard that he hit the wall and still couldn’t pass.

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