Faye Brookes Looks 2016

Do you spoil her?

Oh yes. She’s my princess, so she gets exactly what she wants! She’s made me a list for Father Christmas and it’s ridiculously long. When you have kids it’s important to maintain their belief in Santa for as long as possible. It makes it magical.

Faye, your character will be heavily involved in the Christmas storyline for Coronation Street. How much can you tell us about it?

I don’t want to give too much away but the Connors will be making a big mark over Christmas. It involves the return of Marc [Baylis] as Rob Donovan. The episodes have been really challenging to film and I feel honoured that they’ve trusted me to lead such a big storyline. I’ve been brought up on Coronation Street so hanging out with Ken Barlow [Bill Roache] is surreal!

I absolutely love it and my life has completely changed for the better. Gareth: If I’m honest, I wasn’t a Coronation Street fan before, but I am now!

We have all the episodes recorded so I watch them when I can.

Seeing how hard Faye works has given me a new respect for soap stars.

Faye: I’m in it now for a year and then we’ll see what they

Faye’s been my rock,’ says Gareth. She’s a really positive person’ do with the storyline, but I think the Connors are making a good impression!

Have the kissing scenes with your on-screen fiancee Caz [played by Rhea Bailey, pictured previous page] become easier?

Definitely. We were both so nervous at first because it’s not even easy for me to kiss another man, so I wanted us to be very comfortable with each other.

Gareth: I’ve really rather enjoyed them [laughs]! Faye: We’ve had a really positive response so far. I don’t know if they’re going to get married but I still have the ring on my finger!

Will you be sad when Alison King, who plays Carla Connor, leaves?

Of course. We’ve grown so close in such a short space of time so it’ll feel very strange not having her on set every day. It was nice coming into the soap when Gareth knew people like Shayne [Ward] and Kym [Marsh] beforehand, because it eased the pressure slightly.

Do you still get recognised a lot, Gareth?

Absolutely. I’m always stopped, but you do eventually get used to it. I’ve been trying to prepare Faye for it!

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