The notion that we need to engineer elaborate diet and exercise regimens is an illusion according to medical doctor, healthy weight expert and author of If Not Dieting, Then What? Dr Rick Kausman.

€œThe focus should be on looking after yourself…this is a trap that unfortunately many people around the world have fallen into thinking that, if only they try hard enough, that this is somehow going to help them be healthy, when in fact the evidence is clear now that the opposite occurs, Dr Kausman says. In fact, he says that focusing on weight loss is wont to work against a healthy body and diet. €œThe more we do things to try and lose weight, if that’s our focus, the more likely it is that we’re going to end up going up and down, cycling up and down in terms of our weight, because we’re not focusing on the behaviour. €

Speaking more gently to yourself, eating mindfully, and checking with your body before you have something to eat are among his recommended strategies. €œAsk yourself the simple question, I can have this if I want, but do I really feel like it?’ This is key to helping people be more aware and mindful, without feeling deprived. €


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