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If you end up with one of these unqualified people or organizations, remember that you can fire your spiritual guide or your wellness guru just as easily as you can fire your therapist. The points raised earlier in this chapter suggest a lot of reasons for doing so.

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Ideally, forewarned is forearmed. With the knowledge you now possess, I would expect that you’ll find a coach or some other expert who can help you achieve your life goals.

Enjoy the following Inspiration and then complete The FYT Pro and Con Exercise. Refer to the client’’sample completed exercise. Blog your thoughts in your journal or online.

I can’t believe I have to decide whether to fire Ellen, my therapist.

What do I know, anyway? Well, for one thing I know if I am reaching my goals, and I am not. Ellen is always saying my goals are not important. Ta lking about what I am feeling is what is important, she says. I don’t trust her answers to my questions when it comes to my goals and me.

If I leave her, I will miss her. She has been a great help for several years. She got me through a few years of depression, but now I am ready to work hard on reaching my goals in all areas of life.

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