Foods for Beautiful Skin

Face Food

If your appetite for food on your face is still not satisfied, then I am going to pass on a beauty recipe that I consider relatively harmless. It’s food, all right, but it also passes all the necessary tests for me to believe it won’t hurt the good we’ve done your skin.

There is a model friend of mine, for instance, who swears by a yogurt-and-honey face mask. Now yogurt is protein, and probably cannot be absorbed but just may have the same cosmetic effect as protein creams namely, it keeps your own moisturizer inside of your own skin.

But more important than that, it is acid (test it with your paper; I did) and therefore not likely to do anything terrible. The honey in her recipe is a skin tightener that dates back to Cleopatra, and Cleo didn’t do too badly with the boys.

I personally would substitute vitamin E as a better tightener-upper. We don’t know whether or not E is absorbed, but we do know that E cannot be washed off of the skin. So it’s going to hang in there tightening things up. If it’s face food you want, give this recipe a whirl.

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