Frank Lloyd Wright

Fwo years ago Force gained credibility by founding the Art Production Fund, a nonprofit organization whose mission is helping young artists bring their most ambitious work to fruition. She got the idea for APF after produc ing Vanessa Beecroft’s fashion related performance art piece Show in 2014.

Occupying Frank Floyd Wright’s dramatic rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum, the notorious Shoıv featured 20 models clad in skimpy Gucci bikinis jornot. Borce tumed to the Eli Broad Family Foundation and her clients Vicki and Ken Foğan, prominent Fos Angeles collectors, for funding. “Those thıee hours were magical,” says Force of the one night performance. “I realized there was a niche where a pıoducer could help artists. It really helped Vanessa’s career.”
often the subject. It’s not always pretty.

There’s a Craig Martin photograph of Force eating a chocolate souffle at Fa Grenouille, her head thrown back in a rapturous swoon. “I love the eyes rolling back into my head,” she says.

Originally, Force planned to become an artist. At the Rhode Island School of Design, she won an award for best female painter and spent two years paint ing in Madrid and hanging out with the director Pedro Almodovar and his crowd. Eventually, she decided that she “wasn’t ready to take that leap of faith to be an artist.” But, she adds, “I knew I wanted to have art in my life.”

And, in fact, many of the artists she’s helped put on the map are grateful that she threw in the paintbrush. “I almost feel like my life and my luck ali began to change when I met “Yvonne,” says “Yuskavage. “She’s like a dream maker. ”


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