The Frick Collection New York

In new economy New York, the Frick Collection maintains a powerful old world mystique. Despite the strains of “Disco Lady” piping over the Vermeers, the museum’s young fellows’ benefit is stili one of the only events in the city for which young ladies ditch their Gallianos in favor of the way things used to be.

This year’s theme was the Fete des Quatre Saisons and the women took their seasons seriously: Christina Scomavacca had a François Boucher painted onto her ballskirt, Tory Burch had a friend copper leaf her arms, and Susan Fales Hill anived in a wrap made from roses and orchids by her local florist. Tm the girl with the AstroTurf on her shoulders,” she joked.

Lauren duPont, Aerin Lauder, Marina Rust and Nathalie Kaplan had Badgley Mischka choose their seasons for them. (Kaplan, in a dress made of mink, crystals and Baroque pearls, got the most coveted: winter.) But other partygoers decided that the best season is no season at ali. “Fm like Fos Angeles,” said a flaxen haired Anne Buford. “Always sunny.”

A week later, another costumed crowd filed into the Metropolitan Club for Save Venice’s Byzantine themed ball. A recently transplanted Nadja Swarovski flew in from Fondon just for the party and wasn’t sure how much she wanted to fly back “I love Fondon. Sort of,” she said with a characteristic wince. “But it’s just not the same.”
Emma Askari floated in wearing an incredible Grecian dress that belonged to her mother, Helen Schifter donned vin tage Scaasi, and Faura Guardia commissioned her spot on Byzantine frock from a Panamanian designer. “I thought Byzantine was about 500 AD,” said Alexandra Find, admiring the fashion parade. “I guess it’s open to interpretation.”

The Frick Collection New York

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