Frida Gustavsson Diet Plan Workout Routine

Frida Gustavsson Diet Plan

Life Event Answer Value
death of spouse yes no 100
divorce yes no 73
marital separation yes no 65
jail term yes no 63
death of close family member yes no 63
personal injury or illness yes no 53
marriage yes no 50
fired from work yes no 47
marital reconciliation yes no 45
retirement yes no 45
change in family member’s health yes no 44
pregnancy yes no 40
sex difficulties yes no 39
addition to family yes no 39
business readjustment yes no 39
change in financial status yes no 38
death of close friend yes no 37
change to different line of work yes no 36
change in number of marital arguments yes no 35
mortgage or loan over $10,000 yes no 31
foreclosure of mortgage or loan yes no 30
change in work responsibilities yes no 29
son or daughter leaving home yes no 29
trouble with in laws yes no 29
outstanding personal achievement yes no 28
spouse begins or stops work yes no 26
starting or finishing school yes no 26
change in living conditions yes no 25
revision of personal habits yes no 24
trouble with boss yes no 23
change in work hours, conditions yes no 20
What Causes Emotional Illness 19
Life Event Answer Point Value
change in residence yes no 20
change in schools yes no 20
change in recreational habits yes no 19
change in church activities yes no 19
change in social activities yes no 18
mortgage or loan under $10,000 yes no 17
change in sleeping habits yes no 16
change in number of family gatherings yes no 15
change in eating habits yes no 15
vacation yes no 13
Christmas season yes no 12
minor violation of the law yes no 11

Now, circle the point value for each yes answer and total the points. According to Hplmes and Rahe, you have a 37 percent chance (roughly one out of three) of getting sick within the next two years if your point total is 150 or less. With a total of 151 to 299, assume a 50 50 crack at illness. If the point total is 300 or above, you have an 80 percent chance of becoming ill within the next two years.

Remember, these researchers assert that the higher the score, the more serious the malady. Thus, scores above 300 are believed by them to be predictive of killing and crippling problems like cancer, heart disease, and psychosis.

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