Gael García Bernal Diet Plan & Workout Routine

The process of Conscious Combining is experiencing food and how it makes you feel. Few people realize that food is energy. Three little grapes, and you’re ready to ran a mile. Your body is constantly putting out energy and replenishing its supply.

The Beverly Hills Diet teaches you how to maximize not only the quantity but also the quality of that supply. By now, you should be well on your way to leaming to control how you feel by what you eat. You should be feeling too well to ever dissipate into your bloated, sluggish former self.

So how should you be feeling on my diet? For the most part, you’ll feel absolutely marvelous. You will feel an abundance of energy. You’ll be able to concentrate more easily. And you’ll probably need much less sleep.
By the end of the first week, you should notice a defınite change in your skin color. it should glow. Your eyes should begin to sparkle.

Your hair should begin to shine. The dark‘ circles under your eyes should disappear. As one client said, “My friends are amazed. They’re not only talking about how thin I am, but how young I look! What a fabulous bonus. Your diet is miraculous!”

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