George Clooney Diet Plan & Workout Routine

It’s one of the most common comments from my clients. They are always delighted with how well they look. Most other diets sap your body of nutrients, and it shows.

As you lose weight, you won’t have that drawn, haggard look we expect to see in a successful dieter. You’re losing weight not by starving your body but by feeding it.

Be aware of your energy as you begin reintegrating fa miliar foods into your diet. Tune in to the effect of pineapple on your State of being. Feel the charge that papayas give your system. Be aware of the relaxing effect of a potato.

In other words, tune in and tum on to your feelings. No two foods have exactly the same effect on your body. When you think about it, it makes sense doesn’t it? isn’t it logical that different foods affect your energy differently? It’s just that you’ve never been receptive to the process before.

You’ve never let your skinny voice have the floor before. Well, that’s what these fıve weeks are ali about experi encing food.

George Clooney Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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