George Clooney’s Wife

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So Tom’s decided upon a course of action that, to his mind, will solve both of his problems at once: He’s back on the market, with a vengeance. And this time, he’s even more intent on finding the “perfect” woman. “He’d love to find someone classy and intelligent, like George Clooney’s Wife, Amal,” the source says. “She’s his ideal.

He’s open to dating another actress, particularly if she’s sophisticated or, alternatively, young and willing to be molded, but he’d prefer a businesswoman or someone outside the Hollywood circuit.”

Of course, unlike George, Tom has to be with someone who’s accepting of Scientology. And, the source says, any girlfriend of Tom’s would need to get the approval of his religious leader, David Miscavige. “He’s been putting the kibosh on all of Tom’s ideas so far,” the source says, “because he thinks Tom’s next wife needs to go the distance. Ideally, she’d be a Scientologist too but that’s made it practically impossible for Tom to find anyone!”

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