Get Rid of Wounds and Surgery Marks on the Skin

Wounds or surgical trails occur after injuries or incisions reaching deep into a certain layer. These injuries arise as a result of surgery or trauma. The resulting injuries should be erected with the most appropriate suture materials and techniques.

Thus, the scars that may arise later will be minimal. There is no sewing method which is defined as an aesthetic stitch; But there is a sewing method that does not damage the tissues made according to the procedure (atraumatic technique).

Almost all of the applications of aesthetic surgery leave more or less traces of surgery; But with the applied techniques they are hidden where they will not be seen.

As well as sewing the wounds, the wound can be glued with a special adhesive. However, gluing is not suitable for every injury, and the scars that will appear later can not be prevented by gluing.

When the wound heals, they pass through different stages. In the first 3 weeks the wound heals apparently, but the healing process continues microscopically and lasts for about 2 years. During the first weeks, blisters and redness appear in the wounds, but after about 6 months, the redness and swelling of the blisters begin to decrease. However, in 1.5% to 4% of people, this bulge and flushing do not show regression. Wound healing is related to the genetic makeup of a large person.

In addition, wound healing at different parts of the body has different properties. Eye area and face area
Wound healing results in worse results in other parts of the body, especially where there is too much skin tension, such as the shoulders, chest front, while leaving no trace at all.

Also, the possibility of scarring in wound healing in darker skin is more than that of plain skin. In some cases, such as smoking, diabetes, are adversely affecting wound healing.

There are various methods for correcting or minimizing the wounds after the scars are revealed; But in no way can the scar can be removed completely. Particularly, it is tried to correct this situation with some treatments in the deeply raised and red wounds.

These treatment methods are brief:

injecting some medicines called steroids into the scar,

the covering of a specially prepared silicone layer over the raised scars for a certain period of time,

in the form of laser application.

It would be appropriate to choose one of these treatment methods after the evaluations to be made. As mentioned earlier, these methods do not remove the scar but will reduce it.

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