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Reunions, parties and the holiday signaled holly red lipstick, glossy liquid liner and glitter, lots of glitter. The past few years though, thanks to stress and the hullabaloo of the season’s excesses, I’ve found myself reaching for products that impart a look that says ‘good health’ and ‘eight hours of sleep.’

Getting the no-makeup makeup look used to mean applying layers and layers of makeup that you then dutifully blended to achieve the coveted soft-focus, naturally-defined makeup. Thankfully, the beauty industry has heeded the collective call for makeup that is imperceptible in person yet looks amazing in photos. Formulas have gotten lighter, more breathable and most importantly feels comfortable. The best are, of course, the ones that you forget, the ones that draw double takes and the squinting question: what did you do today? 

Perricone MD is known primarily as a skincare brand, which is why when it released its No Foundation Foundation, the beauty industry and the consumers were skeptical.

It turns out it was just ahead of its time. Nowadays, every major beauty brand is touting a skincare-infused foundation that is supposed to mimic a naturally beautiful, bare-faced look. So what does the brand do? It releases a range of aptly-and cheekily-called no-makeup makeup that contains mineral-based sun protection and potent skincare ingredients. Products include foundation with two textures: serum and creamy liquid; blush, bronzer, concealer and mascara. These are the basics most people need to create a fresh, polished look.

In keeping with their skincare platform, the brand ingeniously housed them all, but for the mascara and lipstick, in bottles with droppers or doe-foot applicators. This encourages using one’s hands to apply the product, making it easier to blend on the face and surprise mix the products to create unique shades. A drop here, a swipe there, and presto, you have a skin-true hue. Even if the shade range is limited, say for the foundations and the concealer (there is just one for now, but there are plans to create more in the near future), the line is popular among people who have a variety of skin tones. Say you got a tan instead of buying a new shade of foundation, you can instead mix in drops of the No Bronzer Bronzer to add warmth and color. Same for the No Lipstick Lipstick, a touch of No Blush Blush can make it brighter, while No Concealer Concealer can make it lighter.

Of course these being Perricone MD products, nourishing, rejuvenating and formulas have gotten lighter, more protecting ingredients are prominently displayed in the ingredient list. The products contain mineral sunscreen (titanium dioxide) ranging from SPF 30 to 35. Also present is vitamin C ester, a potent form of the antioxidant that helps counter sun damage such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. All of course, contain Perricone MD’s antiinflammatory technology, which restores the natural health and glow of the skin.

Like most people, I do resolve to rest more and judiciously pick my celebrations and celebrate more responsibly. This way, I may still break out the glitter and red lip as they’ll go perfectly with a well-rested looking face, even if it’s due to my arsenal of no-makeup makeup instead of actual sleep.

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