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Why Your Yoga poses May Not Be Working

Annie, thirty- s ix, has been in yoga poses off and on for the past eight years. An attractive professional who is dedicated to her job she just made partner with a large law firm Annie nonetheless has suffered from a variety of emotional ills that caused her to seek help. She has consistently refused all medication, instead working hard in talk yoga poses. At times she has been frustrated with the dating scene she has trouble meeting guys she likes, and when she does, her relationships tend to last no more than six months. Seeing her friends get married and have kids has added to her anxiety. More than that, though, she talks about feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. “I’m just going through the motions,” she claims, and wakes up in the middle of the night “ feeling terribly alone. ”

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Yoga poses has been helpful to Annie in that it has allowed her to express her feelings rather than keeping them locked inside. She has learned about the ways she reacts to her feelings that are not helpful to her. For example, she no longer gets angry with others if she is disappointed. However, after all the work in yoga poses, she still does not feel content with her life, and her unhappiness, anxiety, and loneliness have persisted.

When she came to Full Life, we began working with her to see how she was functioning in all areas of life.

Annie reported a relatively normal upbringing, and there was little evidence of emotional trauma in her past that might be responsible for her current malaise. She also reported a history of working too hard and not having enough fun. Her loneliness was a powerful and destabilizing force in her life, and she no longer received much meaning from her work.

So we focused on Annie’s wishes regarding her desired future. From talking with Annie, it was clear that she longed for a connection to a higher power and purpose. She longed for a significant other. She wanted to have more fun.

We first created a plan with Annie that involved her exploring spiritual options such as meditation and attending church services of her choosing. She attended services at multiple congregations in the area, selecting a different one every Sunday, and finally chose a Unitarian church that seemed right for her.

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