Good Pregnancy Exercises To Do At Home

How much energy do you need?

Everyone is different. In addition to our physical attributes, every individual has different energy requirements. In addition, there is some evidence that ability to lose or gain weight is to some extent predetermined by your genetic makeup, and there is not a great deal that you can do about changing that.

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On top of your genes, there are many external factors that affect how many calories you need, so any standardized ‘calorie table’ can be nothing other than a very general, broad brush indication of the number of calories that you need. However, the following are generally accepted to be ‘starting point’ guidelines:

In order to get a more accurate picture of exactly how many calories you need, you need to factor in many variables, and after considering what these variables are, you will see how you do this.

Firstly, there are the lifestyle factors to take into account, such as the work that you do, the exercise you take and so on.

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