Lucy Wyndham-Read, 35, personal trainer OLD SALARY £10,000 NEW SALARY up to £50,000 When Lucy first started working as a freelance personal trainer, she found life tough on the money front. I had 15 clients, but they would often cancel, which meant I soon got used to living on a tight budget, she explains. Her dream was to increase her salary by expanding her client base, and through appearing on TV channels such as QVC demonstrating fitness equipment. For this she needed to be a lot more confident about her skills and abilities. GLAMOUR’S GET-A-RISE STRATEGY Sandra Richardson, director of Chrysalis Coaching (, helped Lucy to identify her strength – the fact that she knew the fitness industry inside out.

Next, we did some work overcoming Lucy’s Inner Saboteur’, explains Richardson. “This is the voice inside us that holds us back from achieving our goals. Richardson explained that the voice of the saboteur tends to be loudest when a person is making exciting changes in their lives. Also, by practising difficult conversations, Lucy learnt the skill of financial negotiation.

She also taught her how to look confident and sell herself at auditions and business meetings. THE RESULT Lucy already had contacts, but lack of confidence meant she wasn’t exploiting them. With Richardson’s coaching, she lined up auditions and has landed lots of TV work.

She also met with a book publisher and sealed a book deal and has expanded her client base by networking. Today Lucy has 25 clients, some of whom are celebrities. Sandra taught me to be confident and to make sure I know my market value,” she says. LESSON LEARNED It’s important to be confident in your own abilities – until you are, no one else will be.


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