Grace Kelly Diet and Workout Routine Secret

The Tip Sheet: Your Daily Bread

On Day 15, don’t forget to wait three hours between your raisins and nuts, which must be unsalted and raw. Eat ali 8 ounces of your raisins, please.

On Day 17, remember, no salt, no salt substitutes, and no powdered seasonings on your veggies. You can have two tablespoons of unsalted butter for the day and you can use as much Mazel Dressing as you like. You are eating zucchini and string beans to balance the acidity and alka linity of your system your pH.

On Day 19, have your last bite of apple at least three hours before your steak or lobster. Use some diseretion as to how much unsalted butter you use. Fresh garlic or pepper only on the steak.

Day 20 is chicken day. That means chicken cooked any way you want it, but, remember, no salt, salt substitutes, or powdered seasonings. You can, however, use fresh herbs. And you can saute or fry it in a moderate amount of cold pressed oil or unsalted butter. Use your imagination. This is a fun day. And eat the skin.

Don’t buy chicken that’s already prepared since it’s prob ably preseasoned with ali of the above. The same for fried chicken carryouts.

On Day 21, if you absolutely cannot find watermelon, substitute with pineapple only.

Grace Kelly Diet and Workout Routine Secret

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