Great Weight Loss Tips

Great Weight Loss Tips

No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “diet” or “213”apart from the mark as shown. 213-Diet as one, and 213 is a reference to a non-trademarkable number, diet is a non-trademarkable term, combined with a hyphenation make up the trademark of the 213-Diet.

While most of the original content is still held as valid, it is important to improve its effectiveness.

The term energy intake will be removed and replaced with fuel intake. Energy intake is used incorrectly, insinuating that people actually consume food in the form of energy. Sun light is energy while food is not. Energy is released from food during chemical reactions from within the body. Food has energy potential that give it the nomenclature of fuel. Fuel intake can be completely used by the body, partially used by the body, stored by the body, or even excreted from the body without any energy produced or stored by the process. Some food consumed actually absorbs energy and counter the whole concept of energy in equals energy out. Energy is not the same thing as energy potential or fuel. Calorie counting is overly simplified portion control that is incorrect and unhealthy!

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Fuel is defined as a substance that produces useful energy when it undergoes a chemical reaction. Human body fuel consumption comes mostly from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The main concern is carbohydrates, as most carbohydrates break down into simple sugars and enters into the circulatory system to be used or stored. Fat uptake is a bit more complex and is used in the body for various other functions besides energy to include hormones, cholesterol (well over 30% of the brain consists of cholesterol), nerve cells insulator, and cellular wall structure. Protein is used also for creating enzymes, hormones, and a building block for most every part of the body. Protein’s use as energy is limited and its byproduct is excreted mostly in the form of urea. Proteins and fats create hormones critical for good metabolism. Carbohydrates are the preferred energy source and are important but they are dangerous when consumed regularly in extreme excess.

Researching, experimenting, implementing, and writing the content to a successful dieting can become a full time job. My efforts were mostly towards research, often as much as 18 hours a day. While I was focusing on making a (my) diet, it would have been easy to have success for self, if that was where my effort was concentrated. This effort was not just for me to have successful weight loss but also to help the many of those that I cared for and those willing to listen. To me I could of dieted and exercised 24 hours 7 days a week and created a lie that it is easy but truly not easy for anyone else to follow. There are many lies and half-truths out there and it is easy to accomplish weight loss that is temporary by creating imbalance that is either unsustainable or the body adapts to and undoes the imbalance with weight gain. Most people that create a weight loss program created it for the success of the program and not for the success of the individual desiring to lose weight.

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