Why is my hair always falling?

Damages skin and hair. Cleanse your skin two or three times a week to get rid of the dead at the top. Then, apply a clay mask. Antidepressants actually have so many side effects that make them more depressed. Hair loss, acne lupus, psoriasis and sexual desire are some of them. If you encounter any of these problems, ask your doctor to change the medicine you use.

Antihistamines, especially from medicines that claim to be antibiotics against shelves, cause excessive buildup in the skin and hair. A spoonful of ketenchip oil or oil on a kneader will reduce the effects of ketchup. Do not neglect to moisturize your skin with a rich cream. You can also protect your hair by applying a moisture mask.

The best known effect of birth control pills is that the pills are good. In many medical centers, birth control pills are used in the treatment of acne.

However, people who use birth control pills are bloated. In this case, salt consumption should be reduced and plenty of water should be drunk. Also, two pillows should be used on top of each other when lying down. You can compress your bags with full of frozen fruits inside your face to get the most out of your swelling.

Although there are totally contradictory ideas as to whether or not to apply hormone supplementation to women in the enophthalmos, the only thing that is accepted is that the skin became healthier and better during hormone replacement therapy. The estrogen hormone strengthens the connective tissue and thickens the skin; Thus reducing wrinkles and strengthening bones.

When your skin is really dry, try the shea oil, which will make your skin thoroughly penetrate and soften.

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