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How does Gatineau stand out from other brands that also contain new formulations and technologies? Gatineau specialises in anti-aging with specific ranges adapted to each age group. We built our strong expertise thanks to Madame Jeanne

Gatineau’s heritage. She was an incredible visionary woman, pioneer in formulation and technical gestures. Now, after more than 80 years of expertise, we are following the same line thanks to our team of R&D who has recreated and improved our formulas with innovative active ingredients.

How can Gatineau products help to reduce scars?

It is a combination of several ingredients that will help to reduce scars.

As a cosmetics brand, Gatineau will act on the surface of the skin to help skin regeneration and to soften the skin. White Plan range at home or in salons will be able to help to diminish scars by first changing the color of the scars, unifying the skin tone, then softening the skin and finally improving the global skin aspect.

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