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We hear you’re buying a house in HollyWood will you live there alone?

‘I am. ?t's going to be so great. My best friend's moving in with me. ?

Will this be the first time you’ve moved out of home?

‘No, I haven’t lived at home since I was 18.

I went to college for a term, but dropped out.

Hair And Make Up Celebrities

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? Why?

‘I partied far too hard, so I had to come home.

I went a bit crazy and I was out every night.

I also hated feeling under pressure. I don’t care about tests or grades and I have a really low attention span. I get bored sooo easily that it just wasn’t for me. I'll never go back.

I don’t like being told to learnl’

So are you bad at learning your lines?
‘I have to do that and I don't find it hard. If I don't I’ll lose myjob! ?n fact,

I should be learning lines tonight, but I Won't l’m off to see a band called Modest Mouse and then have a few drinks. L’m not Working tomorroW, so l’m looking forWard to kicking back…’A WORDS CEORCINA HORTON PHOTOGRAPHY RYAN SULLIVAN HAIR AND MAKE UP MANDY ATTIME TO CONTACT HRATCH OGALI, PLEASE CALL 020 7486 0202 ORVISITWWW.MINDINSTRUCTOR. COM

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