Haircut for little girls

Did you experience any other Yours Hair is dark Yours Hair is sides of the industry at a later stage? Yes, while starring as Mpilo Cele on Mzansi Magic’s Zabalaza, three years ago. I didn’t like how the show let me go. The season had come to an end and we were about to go on break. I assumed I’d be back on the show, but I was given the Yours Hair is we don’t know what to write for you Yours Hair is speech at the last minute. I hadn’t been told prior that my character was being written off. I got calls from journalists asking for comment on how I got fired from the show because I was a diva and difficult to work with. That hurt. It made me realise that you can’t trust anyone in this industry. Once it’s done with you, it gets rid of you just like that. Most of us took notice of you as an actress in 2013 on Intersextions. Do you think that was your breakthrough role? Definitely! I starred in other shows, including uGugu noAndile and Zone 14, but my acting skills weren’t noticeable enough. Everything changed with Intersextions. Though you grew up on TV, it seems you are regarded as the new girl in the entertainment industry right now. What’s your comment on that? I don’t mind it. I have more experience of how the industry works; it has its highs and lows where everyone has their season. I don’t take that to heart. I choose to focus on the work that has to be done.

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