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Put out an SOS call

Let’s be honest: Haircut for medium hair round face you’re not going to be at the top of your game with a snotty child attached to your ankle or last night’s battle with your partner on your mind. So, forget about doing it all and get on the phone to anyone who can come to your aid. Grandparents, siblings, friends and neighbours -they’re all fair game when it comes to babysitting. If they can’t take the kids off your hands all day so you can make it into work, they can at least take them out for a few hours in the evening, so you can spend some time mending fences with your partner, put in a few hours at the laptop or just get on with paying the bills. Struggling to find a volunteer? You need to remind them about the last time you bailed them out in their hour of need.

Even the most understanding boss will begin to have doubts over your capabilities if they keep finding you sobbing at your desk.

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