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In the end, it all comes down to nostalgia. When we were teens, these girls were a big part of our transition into the men we are now. We saw them as perfect, and this perception never really goes away. Now that we’re older, we check on where our high school crushes are because, whether good or bad, we want to see what happened to them. We also end up seeing things from a bigger perspective: back then, they were hot and they could get whatever and whoever they wanted, but now, things are most probably different.



Getting from point A (booty calls) to point B (BF, duh) is tricky business. Dating expert Matthew Hussey sends help.

WHY IT WORKS: You’re relaxed and not judgy but willing to end things sans progress. Taking control is hot, and the idea that you’d downgrade him to friend ? Ouch.

WHY IT WORKS: A hint of competition goes a long way with guys. Reminding him he could lose you could be the kick in the ass he needs to see how good he has it.

Ever wonder what it’d be like to date a Cosmo Bachelor? We asked this year’s batch about their dream dates, and here are their top answers.

We hate to admit it, but there are lots of things we’ve picked up from being with you.

I thought I knew it all when it comes to relationships. But

that all changed after I got married. Before I got hitched, I made sure to ditch the rose-tinted glasses and take a good, hard look at my past to decide if I really was ready to take the plunge. I had come to the conclusion that I’d been through every type of relationship imaginable some good, some bad, and some just…okay. Of course, I made my share of mistakes.

I even played the unintentional villain sometimes. Who wasn’t ever young and stupid, right?

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