Hairstyle ideas for 2015 2015

Hairstyle ideas for 2015 

An industry has sprouted from an Australian tree. Tea tree oil beauty products range from surf    bottles of 100 percent oil, far left, to soap, lip gloss and lozenges with low percentages.
Tea Tree On, reakouts may seem to be a side effect of summer-but they’re often preventable. “While acne is sometime* worsened by hot, sweaty weather, it can be minimized by avoiding bad habits and by making seasonal changes in your routine,” says Rhoda S. Narins, Jl/I.D., New York City dermatologist and associate clinical professor of dermatology at New York University. Here, she and other dermatologists point out a few common and unexpected-summer skin mistakes:
1. Sun-drying after swimming “After swimming in the ocean, many people lie down on their towel, soaking wet, and let the water evaporate from their skin,” says Dr. Narins. “It cools you off, but as the sun slowly soaks up the water, it also absorbs water from your skin and leaves a thin layer of salt behind. This can be overly drying if you already have dry Australia, tea tree oil has long been used for everything from a disinfectant for cuts to a gargle for sore throats. Closer to home, it’s becoming the trendiest ingredient in the beauty industry. Eco-aware companies are adding this essential oil derived from the tree’s leaves to everything from lip balms to shower gels; health food stores are stocking tea tree mouthwashes and dental floss, and the upscale Henri Bendel stores are offering Tea Tree Solutions, a unisex grooming line.

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Hairstyle ideas for 2015 2015 Photo Gallery

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