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How much protection is your hair getting from a leave in sunscreen?

When you’re out in the sun, yoıır skin isn’t the only parl of your bodv that s vulııera ble to damage. “ÜV rays break down the hair shaft and oxidize pigment, causîng color changes and dıying out hair. says David Trocker. director of product development at Matrix Es sendals. You can protect your hair by wearing a hat or by using one of the many ne w hair products with sun screen. Here, the experts who formulated the products answer the most commonly asked questions:

Q: Why don’t sunscreens for hair have an SPf Bsted M the bottte?

A: “SPF is a temi that the Food and Dnıg Administration has applied to skin care products,” says Trocker.

Q: How do I know which sunscreens are besi for my hair?

A: “Styling products or leave in conditioners that coat the hair offer the best protection; shampoos with sunscreen just rinse out,” says Trocker. “Use the same guidelines you’d use for other styling productschoose lighter sprays for thin hair, heavier creams for thicker hair.” The only exception: If you’ll be swimming, use creams because many are water ıepellent.

Q: Should I opply the produds to wet or dry hair, before or after styling products?

A: “Apply leave in conditioner with sunscreen to wet hairit spreads more evenly,” says Liz Cunnane, consultant at Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre. “Work it through as you would a styling product until your hair is completely covered. You can use a wide tooth comb to disperse it evenly.” To maximize protection: Apply sprays with sunscreen to dry hair on top of other styling products.

Q: Do sunscreens for hair need to be reapplied as frequently as regular sunscreen?

A: No. “As long as you can see it and feel it, it’s working,” says Cunnane. “However, for longtime exposure it should be reapplied. Or if you’ve been swimming and your hair starts to feel like there’s no product in it, you need to reapply.”

Q: Can you use regular sunscreen for your body on your hair?

A: “You can,” says Trocker, “but you’ll get a greasy buildup and it will be harder to spread and wash out.”

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