Hairstyles and Makeup Tips 2000s

Thanks to technology and to a rapidly expanding spectrum of colour and texture, make-up has progressed from fashion in a way it never could have previously. For the first time in history the beauty industry will set the trends for fashion folk to follow, and this, above all else, is what promises to be the biggest breakthrough for twenty-first-century beauty.

Think of your skin as an artist’s canvas-without a smooth one, no amount ofmake-up will help create a masterpiece. However, thanks to the revolution in skincare technology at the end of the twentieth century, you no longer have to be born with perfect skin to reap its benefits. In fact, the thinking behind modern skincare is so advanced that discoveries in both texture and formulation are now used routinely to enhance make-up, haircare and suncreams.

The skin is our largest organ – ifyou slipped it off and popped it on the scales it would weigh approximately 2.75 kg (6 lbs). It protects our insides, acts as a vehicle of elimination to help excrete the body’s toxic waste, and provides us with an in-built thermostat (we sweat when we feel hot, and increase our energy supplies by shivering when we feel cold). Most important of all, we do most of our breathing through our skin.

Because the skin is, to some extent, separated from the other vital organs, it is usually the first area to show signs of stress, which means that however great your skin is, you need to take care of it. While today’s skincare is scientifically proven to help turn back the clock (thank you, retinoids), we do still find ourselves fighting a constant battle against skin ageing. When we are in our twenties and thirties our skin renews itself easily and efficiently (roughly every 28 days) because the horny layer is able to retain enough moisture to keep the epidermis fresh and the complexion smooth and refined. But as we get older, environmental factors such as dryness, ultraviolet exposure, oxidation and stress endanger both our skin’s health and its

appearance. Because our skin is a living organism, its needs change according to condition and the climate. In the search for the Holy Grail of skin perfection, we must respect these differing needs, and treat our faces accordingly. Think of it as a kind of epidermal annuity – if you invest the time and effort now, you will reap the benefits every year ofyour future.

Sadly, there’s no such thing as a miracle youth restorative, and while creams improve your skin’s condition, nothing protects its future like a healthy lifestyle. George Orwell once said, ‘At 50, everyone has the face he deserves.’ So make sure you deserve a good one.

Hairstyles and Makeup Tips 2000s

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