Hairstyles for medium thick hair

CHANGE your mindset

Do a quick audit of the activities you find most draining – be it supermarket shopping, the laundry, Hairstyles for medium thick hair your daily commute… Whatever they are, you probably can’t drop them from your life, much as you’d like to, but you can change the way you feel about them, says psychotherapist Marisa Peer. ‘Try telling yourself, “I’ve chosen to do this and I want to do it”, and listen to your favourite music or a good audio book while you’re doing the activity. It could change the task into something you actually look forward to, and you’ll feel much less drained by it as a result.’

Herbal help

Rhodiola rosea is a natural energy booster that helps to counter stress. Try Nativa Calm Complex, R83 ( ‘and getting enough of it should reverse your fatigue within six weeks. If, however, you suspect you’re so low in iron that you’re anaemic (heavy periods can be a cause) ask your GP for a blood test to confirm before topping up with supplements.’ One tip is not to drink tea or coffee with your meal or just after as these reduce iron absorption, so save your cuppa for later.

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