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I saw a woman lying on the side of the road, thrown from the car. It was my wife. I looked back at the car in disbelief and that’s when I saw Bear, trapped in the back seat. Two other firefighters were trying to cut him free with a saw. All I could think was that I wanted… needed… them both to survive. I rushed over to Bear, who was conscious but dazed. Am I dreaming?’ he asked, fear and confusion etched across his face. Unable to reach him, I felt useless. I just wanted to hold him in my arms. I did my best to reassure him, but I had to make sure Amber was OK, too. Hairstyles for red hair woman She lay by the side of the road, surrounded by paramedics. As a firefighter I’d seen people die in front of me before and I’d come to recognise the signs – their breathing slowing, the whites of their eyes turning grey. Now I noticed with horror that it was happening to my wife. Don’t leave me,’ I screamed. I love you.’ It seemed to work as her eyes flickered.

Half an hour later, a helicopter arrived to take them to a specialist hospital. It was a 40-minute ride for them, while for me it was a tortuous two-and-a-half-hour drive. It felt like the longest car ride of my life. When I arrived, doctors said Amber had been rushed to theatre for an emergency blood transfusion. Her pelvic bone had been pushed through her thigh, she had a broken leg, a fractured heel and her left foot had virtually ripped in half. I felt sick listening to the details, imagining the pain she was in. Hairstyles for red hair woman Bear was given a bed in the next room. Hairstyles for red hair woman As I walked in, he was laughing and joking with nurses. Considering how bad the crash was, it was a miracle he’d just broken his arm and leg. But for Amber, it wasn’t so easy. She needed three blood transfusions, before being put in an induced coma to recover. For the next five days, I divided my time between their hospital rooms, sleeping hunched in a chair, holding their hands.

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