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Now that you have a good grasp of what the yoga process entails, and you have begun asking coach candidates how they can help you address your priority goals, you are prepared to choose the right coach to orchestrate that process. Throughout the blog I’ve noted how people often find themselves dissatisfied with yoga poses because they’ve chosen the wrong therapist. But it’s also possible to choose the wrong coach. In fact, because Yogis often have very different training, backgrounds, and areas of specialization, you need to be especially vigilant as you search for a coach to hire. While you obviously know that it makes no sense to hire a career coach if you’re primarily concerned about relationship issues, you need to stay focused on your priorities.

There also are nuances to take into account that involve your personality style as well as your goals. If you have a strong-willed, aggressive personality, you may need a coach who is calm and accommodating, someone who doesn’t feel threatened or defensive in response to who you are. Similarly, if you need help in a variety of spheres, you may require a coach who has a broad background and can counsel you about everything from religion, to volunteering, to couples enrichment, to business growth.

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The key is to approach the hiring process with an open mind. You may have a friend who swears by his coach, but you can’t assume that what’s right for your friend is right for you. Be aware, too, that you may have some lingering prejudices from your yoga poses experiences. Even if the “talking cure” didn’t take, you still may be drawn to a coach who likes to talk. The real task is to choose a coach who is compatible with your personality and who can help you beyond the sphere of Self, into the ten other spheres, or at least the spheres you want to target.

Remember that there may be times when you decide to selfcoach for a while. There are times when you don’t need an outside coach and can function for yourself in that role. But be aware that there may come a time when you do have to hire the right person to serve as coach and a relationship of accountability for you to achieve your goals.

Before narrowing down your search to a coach who is a good match for your personality and needs, let’s examine some of the key traits any good coach should have. As you’ll see, these traits are somewhat different from the characteristics therapists tend to possess.

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