Halle Berry Workout Routine Diet Plan

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During the first week, you will only be having fruit. Don’t forget to wait two hours before changing from one fruit to another. Before you decide to make that change, be sure you don’t want any more of the first fruit. Once you have fînished it, you can’t go back to it.

If your day ends with a limitedquantity item, remember that it’s the last thing you can eat. Save it until late in the evening so you don’t have to go hungry. You might even want to take it to bed with you. Remember, hungry is one thing you’ll never be again.

When you buy your pineapple, make sure it is ripe. If it’s not it will make your mouth sore. (See Chapter VII on shopping.)

If after looking över the first week’s diet, you think you might get tired of pineapple and papaya, don’t. Remember, it’s their little enzymes that are burning up the fat and digesting ali that extra protein that’s cloggmğ your system.

Don’t think I’d fiil your system with pineapple and papaya for no good reason. Pineapples, and to a lesser degree, strawberries, have a high concentration of the enzyme bro maline which’İnteracts wıth and actuates the hydrochloric acid in your stomach to help bum up the fat.

Papaya, mangoes, kiwis, and persimmons have an enzyme called papain, which interacts with and actuates the pepsin in your stomach to digest ali that extra protein and surplus flesh. That’s what week one is ali about.
Remember the rule: No lemon or lime on your papaya. It will neutralize the very enzyme we are trying to activate.

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