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A self-confessed chocaholic, Katie Higgins indulges in chocolate at least twice a day and has fessed up that on occasion she has even eaten chocolate cake for breakfast! I eat very healthy food but I never deprive myself, she says. My daily diet is packed with vegies, fruits and leafy greens, but I don’t believe it’s healthy to cut out foods you enjoy, so I’ve developed a way to include dessert every day and still be healthy Higgins believes that people are drawn to food bloggers and Instagrammers because of their informality. When taking her own food photos, she favours close-up shots of her mouthwatering sweet treats. Tightly focused images help make people feel they are right there in the centre of the action and help highlight each decadent detail of the food, she explains. I’ve found those kinds of photos attract more likes as do photos with some bright colour or slightly melted chocolate chips. 

All of the recipes Higgins posts are vegan, and most include gluten-free and soy-free options. I aim to use little to no sugar in all of my recipes – fruit and other natural sweeteners are sweet enough, she says. When you eat healthy sweets you feel energised after eating, not sluggish and weighed down with sugar. I use a mix of different flours that yield a lighter result than using heavier wholewheat flour, and in most cases you would absolutely never know the recipe is refined carbohydrate-free. Where possible, I also use nut butters in place of oil in recipes for extra nutrition and flavour. And obviously, the ingredient I use the most is raw cacao powder – it’s in most of my chocolate desserts; it’s unprocessed, contains antioxidants, and is a great substitute for baking chocolate in recipes. 

Higgins says that there is no medal for the person who eats the cleanest in life. Aside from the multitude of studies that link deprivation with binge eating later on, nourishment is also about much more than kilojoules and fat grams, she says. Every time you eat, you are not just feeding your body but also your mind and soul. Really enjoying and paying attention to what you are consuming can boost your happiness and your quality of life 


Raw cacao powder Oat, spelt and wholewheat flours Raw nut butters Berries and other fruits Raw nuts such as walnuts and pecans Pure vanilla extract Shredded coconut Oats

Pure maple syrup, agave and Stevia Chocolate chips Baking soda



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