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Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revelation Is this you?
Determined to lose weight, you vowed to do it the “right” way, until success was yours. You stopped eating red meat, had omelets made in a teflon pan from egg whites only, took the skin off the chicken, ate lots of pasta and baked potatoes with no butter. Frozen yogurt and fruit sherbet for desserts, oatmeal and skim milk for breakfast, or else, granola and a banana. For lunch, white meat turkey on a roll, and a generous salad with no oil.

And you stuck with it. You knew it was the right diet because everyone was pleased to see you on it, and congratulated you on your good and healthy taste in eating. And yet somehow it never quite felt like the right diet, and it never worked the way you thought it would. You found that you weren’t quite satisfied eating this way, sometimes you were hungry, you didn’t feel the kind of physical pick me up you thought you’d get from the “right” diet, and

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