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I’m a cardiologist by training, and I’ve spent a lot of my life treating cardiac patients. Naturally, it has always been deeply satisfying to me that the Atkins diet is so remarkably heart healthy. Almost from the first moment that I began using it more than twenty five years ago, I saw the good effects it had on my patients.

Patients with chest pain found their angina clearing up, often within days of going on the diet. Patients with episodes of cardiac arrhythmias maintained a normal rhythm as long as they kept to the diet. Patients with hypertension lowered their blood pressure and fast.

I’ll bet that’s not what you’ve heard. You’ve had the opposite message drummed into your head so repetitively that I’m afraid you think I’m lying to you. You know with more certainty than you know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west that a diet allowing cream and butter and red meat causes heart attacks and that it’ll make your heart symptoms worse.

So let’s talk about the preconceptions you may have formed, ideas that could quite possibly lead to your being touted off a diet that may fit you as well as Cinderella’s slipper fit her.

I’ll start with a rhetorical question: How could the Atkins Center have shown a steady 25 year growth pattern into the significant clinical facility it now is if I had treated my patients with a diet that in any way jeopardized their health?

No, the facts are quite the opposite, and what may come as a surprise to many of you, the rationale and the all important bottom line observations are all documented in the doctor’s ongoing bible, the widely disseminated medical journals, which we in the field refer to as “peer reviewed medical literature.” As we review it together, you may then see why I have spent much of my career developing and utilizing a diet that superficial observers persist in criticizing for its hypothetical effects on the heart, and why I actually treat cardiac patients with as much success on this diet as Dr. Dean Ornish claims (I’m sure truthfully) for the patients who he treats on a wildly different diet, an extreme low fat, vegetarian diet.

I can only applaud Ornish’s approach he is not an ivory tower, academic theorizer; he’s shown the results on his patients. But then, so have I.

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