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The doner kebab is a famous Turkish speciality which is seen everywhere and although it would be impracticable for home use, is never theless interesting enough to mention; no on Turkish food would be complete without it.
The meat, in this intriguing dish, is wrapped around a large vertical spit and grilled in front of an ingenious tier of charcoal fires which are on shelves one above the other.

In this way the huge kebab is cooked as it slowly turns, emitting a delicious smell which informs the passers-by that the döner kebab is ready. These kebabs are usually only made in restaurants and the owner stands in his door and encourages one to step in and try his döner kebab.

The following method of preparing the döner kebab was shown to me by a cook in Trabzon, whose lokanta was especially good. It takes twenty-four hours to prepare the döner kebab and so one starts each day to make the döner for the next day. At least a whole lamb will be used, together with the tail of the fat-tailed sheep, and about six pounds of minced lamb.

Heather Graham Best Recipe

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