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Heidi Klum Diet Plan

To understand why and how the mind sickens, it is necessary to take a brief look at the general history of disease.
In primitive times, both health and disease were considered to be evidence of the capricious nature of the gods. Man believed himself to be cursed by illness when he incurred the wrath of the gods and blessed by health when he pleased them. Thus, his mental condition depended at all times on his relationship with the reigning deities.

As these concepts gradually gave way to the more sophisticated notion that the body’s own internal structure was somehow linked with the onset of illness, there followed 2500 years of relentless probing for the underlying cause of disease. As late as the middle 1800s, it was generally accepted that most illnesses resulted from a disturbance in mans internal environment.

In 1865 Louis Pasteur made a discovery from which developed the “germ theory,” which has dominated medicine to this day. Once it was known that formerly unheard of microorganisms could invade the body and flourish into specific diseases, the search to seek out, identify, and combat these villains in our environment was underway. It is by no means ended.

The germ theory has suited man’s ego quite well. Most of us prefer to believe that the illnesses we suffer are the result of external forces just as we would rather blame bad luck for our failures. And so we continually say that we “catch” a cold, “get” the flu, and “contract” pneumonia as though we are in no way to blame for die medical catastrophe that befalls us.

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