Her boyfriend wants ner lo douche before sex

My boyfriend wants me to douche behre we hammry time, but I think that’s messive. How m I find out specialodor problem or if the problem is his?

Most medicol expeıts odvise thot routine douching is unnecessory and desfroys the vagina’s naturol baiance of good bocteria, which keep the bad mierobes from över growing and creating an infeetion. Some vaginal odor is normal, but if yours is strong or “fishy,” see your doctor. Yeost, gardnerella ond trichomoniosis are just o few of the organisms that can give the vaginal area a strong odor. Your phystcian can preseribe medicine that will easily and quick!y end the problem.

Assuming you find out that you’re heolthy, ali you need to do is shower before sex ond your boyfriend should, too. After ali, you each want the other to be as enthusiastîc as possible. İf this doesn’t satrsfy your boyfriend, then he has a prob lem that he should deal with. Ask your doctor for moterial that explains why douching is unnecessary and have your boyfriend reod it, or give him one of the many women’s Health books that de şaibe how the vagina is a self deansing organ. İf your odor stili bothers him, he may wish to seek professional help rather than risk alienating you.

Janet Lever.; Ph.D., is on the sociology faculty at Califomia State UniversUy in Los Angeles. She researehes and writer on sex and health policy issues. Pepper Schuartz. Ph.D.. is a professor of sociology at the liniversity of Washinglon in Seattie and the authoref Peer Marriages: How Love Between Equals Reallv Works (Free Press).
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Radiation should be avoided because il can kili the emhno or cause biılh defects. Thi» etTectiv el v rules out lumpectomy and radiation. unless a voman is ııear the end of her pregnancy. Then she emi İd have the lump removed. deliver her lıahy and start radiatinn therapy w itli only a hurt de I ay.

Chemotherapv is also dangemus early in pregnancy. because drugs can eross the plaeenfa and ret ani or alter fetal grouth and deelopment. But oııeologists believe it carı he given safelv after the seeond trimester. uhen the fetal organ s and limbs are developed. says Lori Goldstein, M.D., director of Fo. Chases Breast Evaluation Çenter. Again. if a voman is close to term. she may want to wait and start chemotherapv after delivery.


Her boyfriend wants ner lo douche before sex

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