Hip Hop Classes

Dance classes are great a source of exercise and physical activity for young children in schools. Many children, these days, have adopted the modern day habits of playing video games and sitting in front of the computer, creating sedentary lifestyles for themselves. This has lead to an increase in obesity in children, as they are not physically active enough. Dance is considered one of the best sources of physical activity for children, combining coordination, strength and flexibility, with a cardiovascular workout. One of the most recently famous dance forms, that is trendy amongst youngsters and teenagers is hip hop. The dance form of hip hop is about knowing oneself’ and knowing who you are’ , things that youngsters can easily relate to.

Over the last 40 years, hip hop has become an increasingly popular dance technique that has reached every corner of the globe. This hip hop culture has been adopted and widely embraced by a young people, from all around the world. This young hip hop culture has developed various ways to express themselves such as graffiti art, hip hip and break dancing, and rap.

Hip hop classes have been introduced in dance schools, where only traditional dance techniques, such as ballet, were once seen. These classes provide a platform for children to express themselves, while improving their coordination, self confidence and increasing their physical activity. Getting youngsters to engage in physical activity, through hip hop, is an easy task. This is mainly due to the fact that the younger generations view hip hop as cool’, fun’ and widely accepted by their peers.

Hip hop classes allow children to express themselves freely, through a culture they can easily identify with. It is interesting to note that hip hop is now being incorporated in to mainstream curriculum in schools. It has been identified that hip hop can be successfully used as an integral part of youth education, due to its prevalence in youth culture. As youngsters can relate to hip hop, it can be used as a topic for them to study to extend their learning capabilities and help their minds develop the tools to think critically in today’s world. Young people grasp these concepts faster, when they are connected with their vision such as advertisements, music videos and films. This is why hip hop is becoming more widely accepted in schools, as institutes have realized this importance with time.

Hip Hop Classes

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